Administering pure oxygen is the best quick first aid for divers who may have decompression sickness symptoms. Although most charter boat operators keep O2 on board, independent divers might not. The next best gas is enriched air nitrox.

RescuEAN is a device to administer nitrox to accident victims, even if they’ve lost consciousness. Attach he outlet of a low-pressure hose to the small POD-shaped unit and connect the output of the POD to a standard face mask that fits over the victim’s nose and mouth. This allows the gas mix to flow at a steady rate of either 15 or 25 liters per minute, pumping air into the victim’s lungs without having to inhale.

The mask and gas-delivery setup is designed to not interfere with the administration of CPR.

When one tank is used up, attach to POD to a new bottle of nitrox.

The compact POD is made of rugged plastic and adds less than one pound of weight to the dive bag.

Find out more at www.rescuean.com

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