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NATO NSN Code: 4220-99-930-3359

 US 2012 FDA  Classification No.: 10030598 - Pressure Regulator

The RescuEAN Pod is an unique diving rescue aid that delivers available Nitrox & O2 decompression gas mixes safely and in a constant flow to an injured diver in accordance with the standards of current best clinical practice.

It can be used with both conscious and unconscious casualties, as well as those individuals who deteriorate into Cardiac Arrest and require resuscitation before the arrival of the Emergency Medical Services.

Uses for the RescuEAN Pod:

RescuEAN Pod

UK Divers - £75.00 including VAT

All other WW Divers - £62.50 (excluding local taxes)

Pod order (Mobile)

The RescuEAN Pod comes with an O2 tube to use with appropriate mask. You can request a ‘standard’ or ‘longer’ stem depending on your LP Hose connection.

RescuEAN Basic Set

UK  Divers - £87.50 including VAT

All other WW Divers - £72.50 (excluding local taxes)

Basic Set order (Mobile)

The RescuEAN Basic Set is as the Pod described above plus a Pocket mask with O2 inlet and adult Non-rebreather Mask.

RescuEAN Advanced Set

UK Divers - £110.00 including VAT

All other WW Divers - £90.00 (excluding local taxes)

Advanced Set (Mobile)

The RescuEAN Advanced Set is as the Basic Set above plus an adult Bag Valve Mask.

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There are 3 Pod/Set options available.

Mobile ordering - CLICK the photo below of the item you want or go to our main website on your PC or Laptop for more information & ordering.

“I believe that every diver, on every dive throughout the world should have one of these kits in their dive bag. The RescuEAN can turn a regular nitrox open circuit setup into a life saving piece of equipment. For technical & rebreather divers, the RescuEAN can turn your rebreather or decompression cylinders into a fully functional O2 system. Why divers don’t have these is beyond me - it’s adaptable, well priced and salt waterproof, what the heck are you waiting for?

Get one now.”

Paul Vincent Toomer

Global Training Director

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