RescuEAN Standard or Longer stem/coupler replacement kit

Depending on your selection of ‘standard’ or ‘longer’, the kit will include either a standard or a longer stem/coupler together with fitting instructions, a replacement tie strap & replacement nylon inlet.

The standard stem/coupler works with most current standard low pressure hoses such as Mares, Cressi, Scubapro, etc., and the Megladon Rebreather.

The ‘longer’ stem/coupler works with AP Valves ‘Buddy’ equipment and also the Evolution Rebreather.

In some cases, it may also be necessary to have a short low pressure hose made up by any good scuba servicing centre. Please email us for more information.

Tools you will need to swap stem/coupler:

Crosshead screwdriver

12mm spanner

Adjustable spanner or similar

  1. Set the pod to the 15 LPM flow setting.
  2. Undo the screw near the inlet stem/coupler to be replaced, holding the pod securely as the inner valve sits on a cam and is under pressure from the internal spring.
  3. Grip the inner valve casing with the adjustable spanner (or similar).
  4. Use a ring spanner to loosen and remove the current stem/coupler.
  5. Swap the sealing ‘O’ ring from the existing stem/coupler being replaced to the new stem/coupler and refit through the outer casing into valve housing thread.
  6. Reassemble the pod with the two rubber covers facing the 15 LPM mark.

Should the small nylon exit nipple be damaged during the operation, cut off the nylon fastener and replace before reassembly. Spares of the nylon nipple and fastener are also enclosed within the replacement kit.

Any query, please contact us via:

UK based Divers only - £10.00 including VAT 20%

P&P to UK Mainland £2.00 including VAT added at checkout.  

All Divers based outside UK - £8.00(excluding local taxes)

Shipping to Worldwide areas £6.00 added at checkout.  


NATO NSN Code: 4220-99-930-3359

US FDA Classification No.: 10030598

As a Pressure Regulator


RRP £10.00 including VAT 20%  for UK Divers       RRP £8.00 for all NON UK Divers