RescuEAN recommend the SEEKER radar detectable inflatable surface marker buoy is a visual marker combined with a radar detectable device and is ideal for all types of adventure sports as well as divers, snorkelers, swimmers and other applications for search and rescue situations. It has been tried by the Directors and it does work very well - our boat skipper saw the DSMB on his onboard radar as soon as we  released it to the surface.

The SEEKER Radar detectable surface marker buoy is detectable using radar systems from boats/helicopters or any radar seeking equipment. This system has a proven radar range of one and half miles from boats and a two mile range from helicopters in mild to moderate sea conditions but its signal may continue to be received intermittently in more severe circumstances. This particular system has been designed to work inside inflatable surface marker buoys. Using a conductive material and shaped to receive and send back radar signals the marker buoy reflects the radar signals enabling search and rescue services to locate the position within a distance of two miles and would be ideal to locate personnel in emergencies such as fog and night time rescue situations.  In addition, use of a torch at the base of the DSMB to illuminate at night - will aid detection.

The SEEKER system is configured within an inflatable buoy which is tubular in shape, and is manufactured from highly visible flow orange waterproof polyurethane coated in nylon. The SEEKER radar conductive shape is  positioned inside the top part of the inflatable buoy and is welded to the inside walls of the buoy. When the SEEKER buoy is inflated the radar construction inside  unfolds and is formed to operate.

The SEEKER buoy may be inflated in four different ways:-

1. By blowing through the oral tube.
2. The oral tube has a non locking nipple fitting which the user can connect to hold a scuba divers low pressure inflation hose fed from a first stage regulator.
3. By replacing the blanking plug system inserting a crack bottle (not supplied with this offer).

Both the oral tube and the bottom of the SEEKER buoy have non-return valve systems to prevent the air from escaping. To avoid over inflation, an overpressure valve is fitted to the SEEKER. The same overpressure valve has a pull cord which simplifies deflation of the system. When the SEEKER buoy is fully inflated it may also be used as an additional flotation device at the surface. Once the SEEKER buoy has been fully deflated it can be rolled and fastened neatly for storage.

(Dimensions:- 1800 mm x 215 mm - Manufactured by Custom Divers)

The Seeker comes with a carry pouch which is made from a strong ‘cordura’ material which gives excellent durability even after numerous sea water immersions. These pockets have one large compartment allowing stowage space for the Seeker DSMB with cylinder and a small reel etc. The pocket is fastened by strong Velcro. It is fastened to the BCD/Wing with two reinforced webbing loops which thread on to the 2" webbing waist strap.

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NATO NSN Code: 4220-99-930-3359

US FDA Classification No.: 10030598

As a Pressure Regulator